PhpPgAdmin login problem - solved

26 Mar 2013

Windows Platform

  1. open cmd (Command prompt window)
  2. locate to your installed server “bin” directory (in my case i found it at C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\EnterpriseDB-ApachePHP\apache\bin)
  3. and try to (re-)install apache service with this command - without double colon “httpd -k install”
  4. and now …, try to login again at your web based PhpPgAdmin page ….
  5. Good Luck :D

other option solution (updated 27 - 03 - 2013)

  1. Open your PhpPgAdmin config file with your favorit text editor (such as notepad++ etc).
  2. on my PC, it’s located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\EnterpriseDB-ApachePHP\apache\www\phpPgAdmin\conf”
  3. edit your host/server configuration to localhost - depend on your postgres server not your apache server
  4. in my case, it was refering to apache server “″ and then i change it to “″ or “localhost” without port definition
  5. you will find port configuration at next line as you see in my preview below
  6. good luck my friends !!! :-D


:-) keep smile

capture my phppgadmin

captured preview of my phppgadmin

this is mine, what about u’rs?

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